Supplies Students Need for Class

1. backpack or sac, standard size; no wheels, please*
2. plastic pencil box, regular (5"x8") size*
3. one pair of child safety scissors* (Fiskers brand recommended)
4. two single-subject (spiral) notebooks, 70-sheets & wide-ruled (any color)*
5. two composition notebooks (any color/pattern, B&W preferred)*
6. two folders with pockets and prongs (one blue, and one any other color)*
7. three four-packs (or more!) of glue sticks
8. optional: personal pencil sharpener with closed case for shavings*
9. optional: package of colored pencils*

This list will replace the 2nd grade list previously sent out with letters and printed in the Chatter. Please label only the items that are marked by an asterisk (*) with your child's name. The remainder of the items will become community supplies. They will be stored and shared with the entire class to ensure all students have the necessary materials at all times. Please do not bring crayons, pencils, glue bottles, hand sanitizer, or tissues - I have an abundance of these items remaining from previous years! (I will supply each student with a new box of 24-count Crayola crayons and pencils. Yippie!) Think green: your child may be able to reuse their scissors, pencil box, and backpack from last year. Please see me if you have any problems getting these supplies; I do have extras on hand.

Click here for a PDF printable version of the Supply List.

Teacher's Wish List

Here are some things I wish to have for the classroom. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
~ baby wipes (refill packs)
~ hand soap
~ cleaning wipes
~ playground toys
~ ream of copy paper
~ skinny dry-erase markers (blue or black only)
~ gift card to Wal-mart for various classroom / project supplies
~ gift card to Publix for food / supplies for special events

Special Projects Supply List

During the year, we will do projects that will require special supplies to be donated to the class. A memo will be sent home to request these special items.

Beverly Barwick
This page updated on August 12, 2013.
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